Ladles of Love

There are times in all our lives when the gift of a pre-made meal or conversation can feed us, body and soul. This is the inspiration behind Ladles of Love, a Temple Beth-El initiative that seeks to nourish congregants in need of a little extra attention, with equal doses of food and caring.

Members periodically gather in the temple’s kitchen to cook homemade soups and bake seasonal sweet breads, many of which come from the recipes provided by our Temple Beth-El community. Care packages are then delivered to those celebrating a birth, recovering from illness or surgery, or mourning a death. Most often, care packages include a friendly visit, but they can be dropped off if recipients prefer.

Ladles of Love encourages chefs of all ages and abilities to join us, whether in the kitchen chopping vegetables or stirring batter, or doing the mitzvah of delivering care packages and conversation. Volunteers range in age from 12 to 75, and include new members, empty nesters, mother-child duos, and longtime temple volunteers.

The Ladles of Love initiative is underwritten by the Jules Swickle Chesed Fund.

For more information, contact Andrea Bradley at or (609) 933-1889. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from a Ladles of Love care package, please contact the rabbi or executive director Amy Rubin.