Focus on the Environment: Being Stewards of the Earth

“Adonai took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden, to till it and tend it.” — Genesis 2:15

Jewish tradition teaches us that we have a sacred duty to be stewards of the earth. Judaism emphasizes our responsibility to preserve our natural resources and generate new ones for future generations.

At Temple Beth-El, one way we respond to these commandments is to make our synagogue eco-friendly wherever we can. We divert waste from landfills by using re-usable and compostable flatware and serveware. We recycle our paper and plastics. We have replaced lighting with energy efficient fixtures. And we educate our congregants about the benefits (and how-tos) of environmental trash disposal.

Our Green Team is looking for additional volunteers to help ensure that compostable trash bags are used and to transport the building’s collected waste for proper disposal. Please email Dave Cohen if you would like to help.