Interfaith Families

“For My House shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” — Isaiah 56:7

Temple Beth-El honors and respects all members of our congregational family—Jewish and non-Jewish. And we encourage all members—no matter their faith—to join us in worship, study, friendship, and service.

At Temple Beth-El, we support and embrace interfaith families. We recognize that there are unique challenges these families face, and we work with both parents and children to overcome them. We know that as a community, we are enriched by those who, not having grown up Jewish, enable their children to attend religious school, become bar/bat mitzvah, and enjoy the richness of a Jewish life. We are grateful to them for this gift they give to the Jewish People.

If you are a member of an interfaith family who would like to learn more about Temple Beth-El, please contact Amy Rubin.

“My family and I have been blessed in so many ways to be members of Temple Beth-El.  Twenty years ago, when my Jewish wife and I fell in love, we needed to understand how we could have a Jewish home and raise Jewish children. I was raised in a Christian home. Rabbi Arnie offered a course called “Introduction to Judaism” in which we learned how to create a true Jewish home. 

“When we joined TBE, I was welcomed into the community unconditionally. I was included in activities, and I have made many good friends. I have never felt any expectation that I needed to convert to Judaism.  

“The most gratifying aspect has been the religious education our children have received. I am proud to have been an active participant in their Jewish education and have learned many special things along the way. As our children become young adults, they are proud to be Jewish. I thank our rabbi and the religious school team for that.”

— Mark R., Non-Jewish father in an interfaith family (pictured above)