Temple Beth-El has been blessed with a long history of committed lay leaders who generously give of their time, talents, energy, and love.

Board of Trustees 5779 (2018-2019)

Oversight Committee

The oversight committee is comprised of 11 officers who also serve on the Board of Trustees.

Jay Lavroff – President
Leigh Miller – First Vice President
Gary Cohen – Second Vice President
Jay Taylor – Treasurer
Jeff Resnick – Associate Treasurer
Leslie Kass – Secretary
Julie Hirsch – Connections Counselor
Roxanne Levinston – Justice Counselor
Ryan Maizel – Sustenance Counselor
Melissa Pyle – Learning Counselor
Jodi Siegal – Spirituality Counselor


Mike Bloomstein
Andrea Bradley
Susan Brenner
Dave Cohen
Leigh Freeman
Debbie Herman
Harold Levin
Rick Miller
Vicki Schwartz
Jodi Smith
Bob Taber
Jeff Weinstein
Elayne Weitz
Mara White

Past Presidents Serving as Trustees

Robin Osman (president from 2015-2017) (Immediate Past President)
Steve Weitz (1997-1999)
Ed Malberg (1991-1993)

Click here for full list of our presidents.