Committees: Put your hands and heart to work

The strength of our synagogue, and of our Jewish community, depends on dedicated volunteers. At Temple Beth-El, we encourage you to join a committee and have a voice in the future of our synagogue.

Beautification – Oversees the appearance of the sanctuary and temple building. Contact Karen Kaplan.

Brit K’hillah – Seeks to strengthen the community by strengthening relationships between individuals. Contact Robin Osman.

College Connection – Maintains contact with Temple Beth-El’s college students by sending gifts and messages, and conducts temple programming during school recesses. Contact Cindy Scott.

Shofar – Develops and coordinates the publication of our monthly newsletter, the Shofar. Contact Caryn Shinske.

Cultural Arts – Brings cultural programming to the synagogue. Past offerings have included films, dance, storytelling, artwork, cuisine, music, and theater. Contact Simona Rivkin.

House and Grounds – Oversees the appearance and long-term maintenance of the building and grounds. The Gardening sub-committee beautifies the entrance. Contact Paul Walitzky.

Israel Matters – Supports Israel through education, cultural events, and partnering with national reform Jewish organizations. Contact Beth Lavranchuk.

Leadership Development – Creates and implements programs to identify and develop future temple leaders. Contact Liz Cohen.

Library – Maintains Temple Beth-El’s lending library of approximately 1,800 volumes of fiction and non-fiction. This group is in need of new leadership. Contact Amy Rubin.

Membership – Coordinates efforts to increase temple membership and helps integrate new members into the community. Contact our Membership Chair.

Religious School – Supports the efforts of the Education Directors and religious school faculty, and establishes objectives in matters of school policy, curriculum, scheduling, and budget. Contact Jodi Smith.

Ritual – Supports the rabbi and cantor in planning for ritual observances. Responsibilities range from establishing temple kashrut policy, scheduling b’nei mitzvah, and preparing High Holy Day and Festival observances, as well as Shabbat worship. Contact Ed Malberg and Mike Bloomstein.

Shivah Leaders – Coordinates volunteers to lead worship services at houses of mourning, provides training for worship leaders, and coordinates volunteers to complete a minyan (group of ten) at houses of mourning. Contact Rochelle Levin.

Social Action – Coordinates and implements programs to help repair the world, tikkun olam. Supports projects benefiting the temple community and the community at large, including the Interfaith Hospitality Network, which provides temporary housing for the homeless, and the local food bank. It promotes voter registration, environmental justice, and the support of various charitable organizations. Contact Dave Cohen.

Technology – Provides technical support for the staff and lay leadership, maintains the computer hardware and software, sound, video, and communication resources of the congregation, and evaluates new technology. Contact Ryan Maizel.

Ways and Means – Conducts fundraisers, including the annual Resource Guide and the High Holy Day Appeal. Contact Amy Rubin.

Youth Culture – Supports the work of our Director of Youth Engagement. Oversees programs for students in grades three through twelve that provide them with opportunities to interact with each other as well as with members of other congregations. Programs include parties, breakfasts, trips, creative Shabbat services, holiday programing, and conclaves. Contact Lisa Bendavid.