B’nei Mitzvah Resources

Mazal Tov! You and your child have started the bar or bat mitzvah process. We expect you have a number of questions. We’ve compiled this collection of documents to provide guidance, information, and support. In the past this collection would have been provided in a binder. We are transitioning to an online resource. Below are links to documents, recordings, forms, etc. Please reach out to Cantor Wallach, Amy Rubin, or Michele Holler should you have any questions.


Part I: Preparing for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah ==> LINK to Part I

A History of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies
Keeping Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Perspective
Student Participation in the Shabbat Morning Service
Working with Rabbi Gluck, Cantor Wallach and Tutors
Shabbat Morning Service Attendance Expectation and Tracking Form
Some Ideas for your Celebration

Part II: Honors and Rituals of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service ==> LINK to Part II

Hebrew Readings, Blessings, and Prayers
Honors and Rituals of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service
Aliyot and Honors Information Form
Instructions for Torah Blessings (good to share with your family members with this honor)
Parents’ Blessing
Torah Blessings Page with Transliteration (For a student version without transliteration, and the recording, see section IV below)
A NEW Aliyot and Honors Information Form (printable)

Part III: Service Project and Guidelines ==> LINK to Part III

What You Need to Do
A Few Ideas About Mitzvah Opportunities
Project Proposal Form
Project Summary Form

Part IV: Hebrew Prayers, Recordings and Student Siddur

A wide range of recordings are now available. Contact Cantor Wallach for the password.
Student Siddur (abridged and annotated)

Part V: Guidelines and Resources for Parents ==> LINK to Part V

Financial Aspects of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Building Use for Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Other Details to Help You Prepare
So, you still have a few questions?

Other Resources and Info ==> LINK to document

Travel Directions to Temple Beth-El
Synagogue Etiquette
Grade 7  2022 Bar/Bat Mitzvah list (This file is password protected. Ask Amy Rubin or Cantor Wallach for the password.)
Grade 6 2022 Bar/Bat Mitzvah List (This file is password protected. Ask Amy Rubin or Cantor Wallach for the password.)
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Info on JFCS Bimah Baskets