Kashrut Guidelines

As a Jewish community, Temple Beth-El respects the tradition of Kashrut, a spiritual discipline and series of laws regarding food and the treatment of animals intended as food.

All events taking place at the temple must abide by the following kosher food policy:

  • All food that, by its very nature, cannot be kosher, such as pork products, shellfish, or other specifically forbidden foods may not be brought into the temple or served at an event on the temple’s property.
  • Within a meal, meat and dairy products may not be mixed or served at the same time.
  • In accordance with established Judaic law, it will be permitted to serve dairy hors d’oeuvres prior to a meat meal. However, if meat is served during the meal, a dessert containing milk products cannot follow.
  • Only Kosher-for-Passover food may be served during Passover.

Ours is a kosher-style policy. We do not require that all food products or ingredients be certified as Kosher (hekshered), nor do we require kashering of the kitchen, dishes, or utensils.

If you have any questions for how this policy may apply to your event, contact Amy Rubin, our executive director. We’re happy to work with you in defining a menu for your event that is in keeping with our Kashrut standards.