Honoring Sarah Gluck

Posted on April 29, 2022 by Rabbi Arnie Gluck

During our Shabbat services tonight and tomorrow morning we will be paying tribute to Sarah Gluck for her outstanding service to our congregation over more than two decades. Over these years she has touched our lives in so many ways. Join us at services in person, or by Zoom, to show your love and appreciation for all that Sarah has meant to us, and all that she has done for our community.

As part of our celebration Sarah will be receiving a tribute book filled with words of love and gratitude, and artwork created by her students. Below is the dedication I wrote to present this beautiful volume.


Dearest Sarah,

I know I have stiff competition from within our family when I claim to be your biggest fan, but even beyond that there is a long line of contenders for this role. The pages that follow offer abundant testimony to how respected and cherished you are, and to the indelible mark you have made on so many lives. You have opened wellsprings of the Jewish soul and spirit. You have made our ancient language come alive in our hearts and in our mouths. You have nurtured and nourished young and old with your loving and caring presence. And you have been a powerful teacher and leader of our congregation, your fellow educators, and the greater Jewish community in your gentle and compelling ways.

I know that you are more comfortable honoring others than being honored yourself, but I hope you will enjoy the outpouring of love and appreciation that you so richly deserve, and which is offered to you with fullness of heart. To paraphrase Pirkei Avot:

איזהי מכובדת, המכבדת את הבריות.

Who is to be honored? Those who honor others.

You have honored so many others with such grace and love. Now we honor you for all you have given our community. May the years ahead be filled with joy and fulfillment, continued growth, and time spent with all those and all that you love, in good health and great happiness.

באהבת עולם,

With unending love,