Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communications

Temple Beth-El is being guided by the Jewish teaching of pikuach nefesh, the preservation of human life, in responding to the current Coronavirus public health crisis. As clear as the value of pikuach nefesh is, it is unclear exactly how and when to apply it to our current circumstances, especially when doing so conflicts with other cherished values, like coming together for Religious School, Shabbat and holy day observances, and doing communal acts of kindness. It is hard to make a decision to suspend the precious fellowship of our community under any circumstances. It is especially hard in a time of anxiety and worry – a time when we most need each other’s warm embraces and reassurance.

That being said, our love and concern for each and every member of our community has led our temple leadership to make the following steps:

  1. All public events at TBE will continue to be held virtually using remote access platforms, including the upcoming High Holy Days and the fall opening of religious school. More information can be found in the links below.
  2. Temple offices are generally open, although not following a set schedule. If you need to gain access to the building, be in touch with Amy Rubin.
  3. If you are not well or exhibit any symptoms, including fever or respiratory stress, please do not come to temple (or go to other public venues). Please call your doctor, stay home and follow doctor’s orders.
  4. Our rabbi, staff, and lay leaders are all here for you and available to offer support and solace in any way we can. If you are staying out of the public and need help with errands or shopping, let us know at We have volunteers who can help.


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